Here’s a Trello Board for the Bullseye Framework From Traction

If you are involved in the startups world, it is likely you have read or at least heard about Traction, a popular book written by the CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg. It frequently features on ‘must read’ lists for startup founders, alongside books like The Lean Startup and Zero to One. In short, this awesome book – buy it, if you haven’t already – tells how a startup can discover which marketing strategies work best to grow their business. Continue reading

Why Baidu’s ECharts Is the Only Charting Library You Need

If you are a frontend software engineer, it is likely you will need to implement some kind of chart or data visualization in your app at some point. Whether you are building a full-blown analytics tool or enriching some small part of your application, you will need a charting library that is easy to use, highly-configurable and features a wide range of chart types. You will typically reach for a familiar library already in use on thousands of other web apps; something to get the job done.

But, if your experience is anything like mine, you will most likely find your chosen library is deficient in some significant way. If you are lucky, you will discover this early on, before a requirements change truly lands you in hot water. You may find your chosen library does not support more complex visualizations or has minor – but nonetheless irritating – bugs around chart sizing and positioning. Continue reading

Voting System for Group Decision Making

The voting system is perhaps the most important aspect of any collaborative policy-building tool. For the past year, I have been working on an experimental side-project, code-named Commons, to build an online debate and voting platform to enable people to collaboratively build political policy. The aim is to build an online, distributed alternative to centralised parliaments, so that the general public can truly have political influence. Continue reading